Maria do Carmo and João Wengorovius

Welcome to our country house

Estremoz is where we have spent our holidays since childhood. We grew up building fond memories of Alentejo’s sun-baked landscapes of cork trees, whitewashed villages, vineyards and olive groves. We have renovated this house, which was built in 1939 and then acquired and kept it in the family for three generations, with our friend and architect João Cassiano Santos who preserved the lines and the soul of the place, so that guests could share the same joy that we have always had there.


Maria do Carmo is a Certified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Administrator of “A Casa de Estremoz”.

João Wengorovius is Brand Strategist and Communications  Consultant, a gastronome, a photographer, a sketcher and the author of the book “We, Chefs”