The first impression of the house is the hall, spacious with its light, a wall full of books, a CD collection and various objects we’ve acquired over the years at antiques fairs, markets and on our travels.
A white marble table from Estremoz, designed by us, is used for working, playing or as a second dining table. To the right, a corridor leads to the bedrooms and to our left, a gentle staircase opens to the dining room with its high ceilings, fireplace and open kitchen.
Three tall windows overlook a cork oak forest, the deck that surrounds the living room and the swimming pool. In the fully equipped kitchen, all you want to do is cook, pick up one of the many cookery books, experiment with recipes and create your own.
After a few days our rhythm begins to change, the space invites us to create new rituals, new routines, a reunion with what we like and who we are.
Perhaps Churchil was right.